We do not make skis for everyone. We don’t have flashy designs or fancy ads. What we make is what we do best—performance skis of the utmost quality. Aldo did everything himself, and it remains so today. We still do everything in-house. We test our skis not only with some of the best professional skiers in Switzerland, but by strapping them on and heading to the nearest slope. We know the numbers and names of our suppliers and retailers by heart, and quite a few of our customers’ as well. We hear first-hand feedback from our users, so we know not only how and where to improve, but for whom and why it matters as well.

This has been our promise during Aldo’s time, and this is still our promise now.


The medallion on our skis is our quality assurance. Each medallion bears Aldo’s initials, and is hand-set as the last step in our workshop. Over the years, the medallion has become shorthand for what to expect from a pair of AK skis: quality, craftsmanship, performance. It is also an acknowledgement of the enduring relationships we have with our retailers. As a sign of our long-term partnerships, select stores can personalize their AK skis with custom medals made with their name and logo. We treasure this vote of confidence from them, and hope you do too.

Plaketten_AK_NEU Kopie