About us

AK Skis was started by Aldo Kuonen in 1995. A former leader of Rossignol’s race team, Aldo started the company with a simple desire—to share his devotion to technological perfection as well as his passion for skiing. He wanted to bring together ski enthusiasts from all over the world, and he wanted his skis to be the common glue.

AK is the result of that passion. For more than 25 years, we’ve sought to create the best skis we can possibly make, geared exclusively towards performance. We wanted to make world-class skis accessible to everyone, and we have done precisely that. All of our skis feature a wood core sandwich construction, a hallmark of World Cup racing skis. We are still only sold in a handful of select retailers the best on the continent. And though demand has steadily grown, we strive for quality, not volume. Each year we produce no more than approximately 2500 skis, all in order to ensure producing the highest quality skis at the best possible price.

We measure success by the number of freaks who share our passion for snow, slope, and the perfect skis. AK users live for the sport the speed, the skills, the exhilaration of carving down virgin slopes. Given how small our production runs are, seeing a fellow AK user has become a mark of community, of brotherhood, and an open invitation to know one another.

From the start, AK has always been a family affair. Aldo did everything himself with wife Hilary at his side from design, testing, production, to customer visits and orders. Right from AK’s humble beginnings in a garage in Stansstad, Aldo’s son Marco and daughter Francesca have been in the workshop with him. More than 25 years later, AK is still a family affair, with Marco and Francesca at the helm, continuing their father’s passion. Aldo couldn’t have been more proud.

Aldo Kuonen

The founder