About us

Our father, Aldo Kuonen, developed AK Ski in 1995. His initials stand for our Company! As the original Head of the Rossignal Racing Team, he had the wish to share his technological know how and his passion for skiing with other people.

AK is the result of this passion.

Since more than 25 years we’ve been aiming to develop the best possible skis. Our skis are handmade using only the best materials and produced in small quantities. Our aim has always been to produce the highest quality rather than mass production; even though the demand is continually rising.

We measure our success by the number of enthusiastic AK skiers who share our passion for the snow, the piste and the perfect ski. AK skiers live for their sport, just like us.

AK has always been, and still is, a family business where we do everything ourselves; from the first idea, to the sale of the finished product. To have the possibility of producing our own ski, using our own creativity, this is like a dream for us.

Aldo Kuonen

The founder