Elastac is a cutting-edge, rubber-based material that is responsible for the stable and smooth running of our skis. Moreover, by supporting your muscles while in motion, Elastac greatly relieves strain on the joints over long periods of skiing.

Sandwich construction

Our method for building a sandwich construction in a humid procedure enables us to join radically different materials such as wood, steel, fibreglass, carbon fibre, titanal, polyethylene, etc. This construction method enables us to tweak the various pressure/tension and torsion points of our skis, allowing us to adapt the ski’s rigidity to its user’s needs. This level of customization actually forms the basis of tailored racing skis—not incidentally, AK’s original raison d’être.


Our core material is made right here in Switzerland out of vertically laminated wooden slats. In contrast to the “lame” foam core, the glued wooden core possesses dynamic mechanical properties. Expensive to produce because it is selected and dried to utmost precision, our unique core is responsible for AK’s trademark grip, lifespan, and performance on ice.


We use ultrahigh molecular racing bases to optimise our skis’ gliding properties and to make it turn easilyoverall torsion resistance.

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